Frisco Listings

Frisco is where I bought my first home in Texas!  I did extensive research on which area to live that was right for me and my family and Frisco came up at the very top.  It is now one of the most popular areas in all of North Texas and has grown so quickly.  The schools have a reputation of being one of the very top.  The community is convenient and there is lots happening (The Frisco Star Stadium, Future home of the PGA, and the ever-so-popular Shops at Legacy is just a stone throw away!  The Shops at Legacy has most of my all time favorite restaurants to choose from.

I know lots of people who live in Dallas and drive up to Frisco on the weekends to enjoy the shops and restaurants!  It has so much to offer and some of the VERY BEST you’ll find anywhere.  This is the first place I go, if I have a date night or free time.

The vastly different part of Frisco, Frisco square, has a great library, convenient access to motor vehicle and tax offices (without having to wait in the county office lines!), home to lots of popular sports stadiums, and lots of trails and parks. The town square has a really cool urban vibe, with apartments on top of businesses, as is becoming more common in surrounding towns.  I really loved living in Frisco and still ‘play’ there, more than any other city.  The population is approx. 177,000, but it doesn’t feel too crowded.  There are some big buildings moving in, making it feel more city-like near the tollway, but offering the suburban feeling of community that is a little more spread out and not living a life stuck in traffic all the time!


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