Prosper Listings

Once considered the “up and coming” area, this town is now BOOMING and extremely popular.  It was once said that you could get a lot more for your money in Prosper, but now it is more popular based on the sense of community others’ experience in this town.  It has a country feeling, but is very built up now!  There is more and more convenience moving into Prosper each year.  New Construction is the ‘thing’ in Prosper, so if you love all things new, this is the town for you.

Each community in prosper is vastly unique, yet seems to offer the same principles of kindness and community support.  The schools have a terrific reputation as well!  While there aren't a lot of the big shops or restaurants there, it is still easy access to Frisco, McKinney, or Dallas and you really have all you need within the Prosper limits.

There are only 22,000 people in Prosper, which gives it more of a small town feel and explains that true sense of community I keep mentioning.  However, you’d never believe the population was that low while driving on 380 after 3PM on any given day.  The traffic in certain areas can feel like city life!  380 can be a bit of a truck route and/or route to other parts of west Texas, but it’s all great if you know the right time of day to venture out (& learn the back roads and you’re golden)!


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